Check out these new game developers

When it comes to online casino gaming, everyone will already be aware of the major names and the major games. They are promoted across online casino portals throughout Europe and more often than not lap up critical praise. While these names certainly aren’t to be ignored, they are by no means all that’s available to players. The reality is that there are certain up and coming online casino game developers that are worth your just attention. We have searched all four corners of the Internet and determined that the following developers are sure to be big names in the industry in the coming years.


iSoftBet only just qualify as and up and coming name, as they are now 5 years into their existence. Launching in 2010 the company has opted for the controversial production line approach to game releases. This means they have been able to create 400 games in just half a decade. By no means is every game from iSoftBet been a hit, in fact far from it, but they have released several gems over the years. They have also become a consistent backer of mobile and Facebook casinos, showing their commitment to the social side of online casino play. One of my favorite places to go to find casinos that offer games from iSoftBet is www.mrcasinon.com, as they often got exclusive free spins promotions on offer.


A name that will probably only be familiar to North American players at this point is NuWorks. Sharing a lot of similarities with major name developer RTG, this company has strong links to Hastings International BV. While a European debut will soon be on the horizon, it is easy to look past NuWorks as a developer at this point. However, you would be foolish to do so, largely as while they may not have a 5-star selection of games to their name, they do have a few unique titles to offer.


Everyone knows Konami, as they are a major player in the world of video games. However, what is not as commonly known about the company is that they are putting major investment into the mobile casino market. Ditching video game and AAA game production completely, it seems that Konami will be a mobile casino game developer moving forward. Not much has been seen from them in the online casino gaming world as of yet, but it really is a case of watch this space, as Konami seldom disappoint.


Few other online casinos deliver the level of all-round satisfaction as UltraPlay. In an attempt to stand out they have created wide-ranging product selection, while it is a little rough around the edges, it still offers up plenty of quality. Casino gaming, lottery sales, live casino operations, and sportsbook all fall under the UltraPlay banner. That alone stands the company in good stead moving forward, the cherry on top of the cake is how they have worked to introduce bitcoin casino play. They have just recently backed Bit777, making this Bulgarian based developer one to keep an eye on.

Holland Power Gaming

Being truly honest, the Dutch impact on the world of online casino gaming is minimal at best. The market, while growing, is still considered to be small when compared to the rest of Europe. Very few developers have ever emerged from Holland, but there does seem to be one name worth following. Holland Power Gaming maybe a small name, but right now they are making all the right moves. Their game selection is coming together slowly but surely, with their ICE 2014 appearance impressing many of the industry’s leading professionals.